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Started by LuckyCricket-LSG-PFC, January 07, 2008, 09:26:56 PM

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so i think i figured out why AA lags for me now.  i think it is because the DCDS download is still trying to dl operation shrouded eagle since i told it to but ended up dling from mission depot.  but now DCDS is continuously trying to initialize the dl thus causing it to lag my game.  does anyone know how to cancel it since it the cancel button does not work and the download does not actually start.  your input and help would be greatly appreciated.



Is there a folder for it where it keeps the file that says to keep downloading? So you can delete it...
Just thinking about it....


This is what happened to me.  I downloaded it using DCDS, it made it to 99% but wouldnt move.  I went to mission depot and downloaded it from there into my maps folder.  All complete ??? NO !! went to play and ERROR loading map.  Then went into maps to get rid of it and it was gone.  went back to DCDS and it was no longer downloading map.  Went back to mission depot downloaded it and now no problems.


the weird part is that i don't think the download ever really started since it just says its initializing...


try the AA forums Im sure your not the only one with the problem


well shourded eagle didnt work for me either and it lags when i try to go on that map like crazy man but besides that my game is just fine.