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Started by TheGomez, July 04, 2009, 12:05:30 AM

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Well I got banned. Here's the story:

Gonna make this short and to the point.
So this guy Scooter wasn't paying attention to any orders and was being a bit useless to me.
I got a bit aggravated and called him a dumb*** LANGUAGE VIOLATION and told him to start listening.
Some guy with his mic (I think he was in the clan) said that that totally wasn't cool and I said "Yea you're right... Won't do it again..." and said I was sorry.
About 15 seconds later I got kicked.
I liked the low latency and two guys that were really doing their job and having fun so I came back, said sorry to Scooter, said sorry to the admin even though I didn't know who it was at the time and said it wouldn't happen again. A relatively nice apology.
As soon as the next round started I got kicked again, only it wasn't a kick... It was a ban.
I just wanna be unbanned.

This was on the 303rd Ranch server on AA3.

My username is TheGomez

I'd like to say sorry to Scooter, the aggravation and anger got the best of me and it will never happen again. Thanks.

I myself am I christian and I know I acted outta line.

I am especially ashamed I did this on a christian server. I was unaware of that or the rules on the server.

It won't happen again.



Sir, I was not present at the time nor involved, but I can assure you that our command group will be allong to address this in a timely manner. Usually no more than a couple of days, but please be patient. We appriciate your appologies and I will also say that personally I am still learning how to fight in this new virtual enviroment so sometimes I go way off OPORD.



Command sees this and will get back with you.

Command knows as it was the Commander that banned you.


I didn't ban you, and yes you were outta line


Sorry of the ban accusations Scooter. I just assumed it was you after I learned it was your clan server and I didn't know of anybody else in your clan that was on there at the time...



I was gaming at the time you were banned.  I appreciate you coming to our site to resolve this, but you seem to have your facts wrong.  You repeatedly used foul language.  You were kicked, to show your behavior was wrong, and we hoped you learned from your mistake.  You returned and continued with the foul language, and this is why you were banned.

We do not ban our guests for a single infraction.  We will give a warning, but we will not tolerate rude and inappropriate behavior.

Good day and God bless.
Just a guy trying to get it right. I may fall and stumble but my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is there to pick me up, ALWAYS! If you look at me you will see just a man. Look past me to see Peace, to see Love, to see Forgiveness. Look past me, see God.

When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don't repeat it. - Paul "Bear" Bryant


No offense but I only cursed once and that was it and I was never warned. Were we on the same server?

Anyhow I had apologized the second time I came on, and I do so now. I don't understand why I was kicked again and then banned after apologizing and then assuring you guys that it wouldn't happen again.  :-\

I never saw any part of the server that had said the rules.
I was never warned.
After I was kicked once, I said I was sorry and said I'd make sure it didn't happen again.

I mean come on guys, can you really be this hard on me for that...  :-\


This post needs no further input, I will confirm your rebuttal with Scooter (your apology on the server) and make a decision with that information.  I do appreciate the way you handled this by coming to our site.  You will read my decision here in the next day or so.


I talked with Scooter and he said you did apologize when you re-entered our server but, he also confirmed your second language offense.  It was an abbreviation of the f bomb which we do not allow either.  We do not allow cursing or abbreviations for curse words on our severs, any of them, please check our rules.

Your ban will be lifted but please know that this counts as the only warning you will receive for future offenses.