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-(GO)- ban

Started by SgtDatche, May 18, 2009, 08:55:17 AM

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Well I thought i would wait until things settled down a bit before giving my take on this ban caused by buddog and koz.

I respect your admin decisions first off as I and we have had servers for many years and know of all the problems that come with them.
With that said after reviewing the information provided from several lsg members and my own members I probably would have banned your clan if they came on our website and started profanity and such as well .

I am sure your admins must have removed the posts as i can not find them to view for myself.

I can tell you that our clan does not cheat or ghost.  Is generally very respectful of clans and ppl , and very much like making new friends when others dont judge us as a clan but as ppl.  It seems to me that our clan may not have a very good name among this game for some reason or another which i am not privy to.  Maybe it is cause we do hold high standards and try not to waiver from them. 

Whatever the reasons for the ban are, I as leader will apologize for whatever mis-communication there has been on the day of the ban.  If you feel it deserved please keep the ban in place.  No hard feelings from the -(GO)- guys.  Peace and take care fellas



Nice post, SgtDatche.  I miss playing against you guys.  I just wish this whole thing would have panned out differently.


god willing Healer and it will, ahh life is so easy !  catch you fellas around and stay kewl.


Now that is a much better post.

The admins will be with you shortly.


I am so glad you came to our site Sgt.Datche.  I have been on your site working with Buddog and on your TS working with Koz.  I feel as though we have taken a great leap to getting this issue resolved.  I am an admin of our server, but was not on when all this took place.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming and making this post here.  I would like to apologize if for any reason we made a mistake in our decisions.  I realize sometimes I get all wrapped up in the game and forget sometimes that its just that, a game.  I always enjoy playing with you GO guys, and sincerely hope to game again soon with you on our server.  I know that the senior admins will be getting with you.  Thanks again.

God bless




As for ban it was no mistake as I was one that did it.


I think Scoot was referring to the initial server kick Snake.  :)

(for bunny-hopping or whatnot)