Hacker on your server.

Started by [TBN]Willie, March 19, 2009, 01:05:25 PM

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Today there was a hacker on your server using an aimbot and he had admin priviledges. He was posting admin messages and using very foul language. It must be someone in your clan with server admin rights. His user name is Uwantextra. You don't have punkbuster screenshots enabled on your server. you should do this so the offending player can get banned. I am also a AON PSA if I can get a screenshot he will get banned. MAC address matches someone named [Silverchair]




we do have pb SS.  Yes Silverchair has been banned from our server.  The new hack lets them get admin privledges and kill anyone they want.


Willie, I have been on the server for about an hour and have not seen any messages like what you speak of or a player by either name!  We do have screen shots enabled and I have checking them.  There are some players with black ss and I am looking into these further.

Thank you for the heads up and we will keep a look out!

Gone but not forgotten. SEMPER FI!!!


He was on this morning as Uwantextra. Like your server keep up the good work. Thanks.


He is now banned again.....  He has 3names and ip's that he has used.  I have a different MAC but only a matter of time.  As for his SS this hack is not registering with PB.  PPL pay for this one and can only be detected by gun sound.


interesting SS=


Hey guys, I was on your Server 1 today and they was a player on there with over 400 to 10 K/D which was a bit suspect as if he knew where everybody was. So I did a quick check and he is linked to a banned account. Thought I'd mention it just in case you want to look into it all his scrennshots are black.




Thank you Red!  I will be on the watch for them!