I have been unfairly banned from your server

Started by Hades, May 23, 2008, 06:26:58 PM

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Hi guys

First of all I would like to specify that I come to this forum in peace and with no intentions of creating any kind of trouble.  A few minutes ago I joined your server in SF Taiga.  I joined the defense team and I believe I asked one of your members about how should I play this map since I have played this map for a very short time.  He said:  "Just camp and listen"  That's exactly what I did.  I did get 9 consecutive kills and I was never killed.  All of the sudden I get a permanent ban and a screen message saying take your cheats somewhere else, ss will be submitted.

01.  I am NOT a cheater.

02.  I am a private member of ACI for quite some time already.  All my servers are streaming with ACI constantly.

03.  I have played this game since 1.2 and I believe that 9 consecutive kills are not reason to call me a hacker.

04.  I am the founder of Friendship, Respect, and Justice Clan and we have maintained a great reputation for over two years now.  We proud ourselves for being a clan that is cheat free!!!

05.  I really don't know what ss you will submit.  Since my SS are clean and do NOT indicate any hacking.

06.  My accounts are linked to two accounts banned by ACI.  Reason of the ban was cheated honor level.  A former clanmate that I trusted gave those accounts to me long time ago.  I played them without knowledge that they were NOT good.  Thats why they are linked to me.  The former clanmate was kicked from FRJ and banned.  I submitted my explanation to ACI and I was cleared.  You can confirm with them.  You can also use Hazard and confirm that ever since those accounts were banned I never used them anymore.  You can also confirm that all the rest of my accounts are totally in good standing and reputation for years.

07.  I feel that you guys disrespected me in violation of your own rules.  You could have asked me or could have done further investigation before proceding to ban me.  Of course you opted for the fast easy way.  It is your server and it is your right to do so if you wish.  However, this behavior will destroy the respect that I feel for you guys.  I have been a member of the AA community for 6 years and it really bothers me that you just banned me because I was having a good session.  I am willing to provide you with any info you need to resolve this issue.  I hope that instead of becoming enemies we could clear this up and become friends.  It is up to you.  Thank You!!!


You were not Kicked/Banned for those reasons.  You came to site and said you dont Hack, giving you the benefit of the doubt I asked about those particular bans.  I will still be investigating this we dont just make up our minds.
  Are you sure it was a ban and not a kick ?  We do now kick for black screen shots because there is a fix for those.  I did kick a few for that last night, but dont remember if your name was one of them.  I will be checking your guide and see if it was a ban and will PM you ANY decision that is made.



Well thank you very much for your kind reply.  I really apreciatte it.  It seemed like a PB kick.  But then I tried joining with a different account to inquire about the kick and my ip was banned permanently.  I wasn't aware my SS were black if that is the case.  I apologize if my comments have offended you in any way.  That was not the intention.  I just want to clear this up.  You guys seem like a good bunch and I didn't feel good about the kick/ban whatever it was.  I have no further comments on this issue.  Thank You for your replies and whatever your decision is I will respect.  Peace.


Action completed.  Was only a 1 day ban...


hey guys just so as not to start a new thread on it considering mine is similar to Hades , can someone tell me why i was kicked on after joining your server

05/29/08 13:11:11 ScriptLog: Console Message:  KICK NOTIFICATION: (-n00b-)Phildo[OF] has been kicked by an Administrator.

and then after rejoining under a 2nd account name to ask why i was kicked ,

05/29/08 13:12:36 ScriptLog: Console Message:  KICK NOTIFICATION: 0utb@ck has been kicked for an undefined reason: 0UTB@CK PBGUID BANNED FOR 1 DAY

I have played with a cpl of your clan recently and even gone out of my way to stay and help teach some of your clan members the mpse map showing where to and where not to go ,and even let them use me for target practise with the 203



It wasnt a ban.  We were having a clan practice.  It should have popped up on the screen to notify you of the practice, if not my appologies. 


ok ty for the reply,, all i saw was this KICK NOTIFICATION: (-n00b-)Phildo[OF] has been kicked by an Administrator.  normally a kick isnt a 24 hr ban unless theres a problem i would have thought though unless you are planning to practise for 24 hrs lol

as you probably know our clan has extensive experience on mntn pass se but since they have introduced so many new maps over the last cpl of years its not easy to get a game on the map so you can maybe see why i was a lil miffed at the ban

but no worries glad to see another clan having a go at the best map made  :)


Zeus told me after that you had been helping a couple of them on the map.  Look for our server to be on Mountain Pass SE during the weekends as we play alot of the old maps.


I am glad to see these got workd out, all I ask in the future is that you do please start a new topic.  We do not mind the posts and it actually helps us keep things straight around here.  I almost thought the same person got kicked again.  Thanks.