Came clean. And repented! Can u forgive?

Started by baseballdudester, March 07, 2010, 04:15:11 AM

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Since i came cleans and honest with you guys and told you everything. Could you plz Ghost and Blue remove those screenshots. Honestly it took out the fun of the game and Ive been playing the game a very long time since 04 and i just stumbled onto that hack and gave it a try today and only today. Could you plz remove those pics of me messing around? That would be great, because its not worth it in the end to get everything messed up for just to trying something out. That would be great if you would, Thanks for letting me play in your server when i did, it was alot of fun and you guys are nice.


You are forgiven but the hacking will not be forgotten.


Thats great that you have forgiven me and i know the hacking will not be forgotten and im really sorry that i put that impression on you guys about me. I hate it when i repent for a sin and its not forgotten by me, the reason that its not forgotten by me is for me not to do it again. But sometimes when we sin or do something stupid it affects other people and that leaves an impression on them too an im really sorry for that. With time you will forget because you have forgiven but right now in the heat of the moment it feels like you wont ever forget. The thing that will heal all this is time, and getting to know each other for who we are and not for the mistakes that we have made in the past.