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Started by Fellows, May 24, 2009, 07:26:22 PM

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Come on Admins you cant kick people for having a good round, I played all night on your server last night and didnt play to well, and of course you didnt kick me then. And dont give me no reason that I got kicked for language because you didnt kick the CoF guy for dropping the real F-bomb. You guys need to seriously rethink the way you guys run and manger your server. It's not fair to kick people for playing good. (No I dont hack, I'm in the top 70 in kills for border and you can run background check if you dont beleive me. I've been playing for over 3 years and you guys always kicking people and banning without any reasons givin first, that's dont make sense and it's not fair.) So i'll just stay off your server and fourms for now on, because I dont need that crapola.

Take care LSG


I understand your frustration of being kicked.  In order to have been kicked from our server you must have broken a rule.  Can you give a reason for your being kicked and do you know who it was that kicked you?  I'd be happy to try and help you understand this but I will need more information as I was not on the server at the time.



I was the one that kicked you Fellows. And yes I did kick the COF guy I kicked him right after I kicked you. I just saw your name first.


20090524:171829 (MT: 2:38): System (System): KICK NOTIFICATION: Fellows=NuTs has been kicked for an undefined reason: PUNKBUSTER KICKED PLAYER 'FELLOWS=NUTS' (FOR 5 MINUTES) ... PLAYER VOTE [ADMIN DECISION]
20090524:171834 (MT: 2:33): System (System): Fellows=NuTs has left the server.
20090524:171844 (MT: 2:23): System (System): KICK NOTIFICATION: -}CoFS{-Infiniti has been kicked for an undefined reason: PUNKBUSTER KICKED PLAYER '-}COFS{-INFINITI' (FOR 5 MINUTES) ... PLAYER VOTE [ADMIN DECISION]
20090524:171849 (MT: 2:18): System (System): -}CoFS{-Infiniti has left the server.

Looks to me that more than you were kicked from server.  You know rules and know we kick for them.  So take the attitude to NUTZ server and keep it there.  You pay there so play there with your rules.  We pay here and we play by our rules.  Oh and by the way alot of people must like server its number 12 in the world.

Topic Locked complaint had no grounds.  Admitted to breaking rules(language)