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Cheating Policy

Started by BlueIguana-LSG-COL, December 04, 2007, 03:01:37 AM

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The 303rd-LSG Policy on Cheating

The 303rd-LSG does not tolerate cheating of any form on our server(s), or by our members.

We consider cheating any use, or abuse of third party software that gives an unfair advantage in the game.

This includes:

Any edited game files that would result in a ban from an Anti-Cheat organization.

In game glitches that are dubbed as unfair, or inappropriate.

Ghosting (in any and all games that apply)

Any member caught cheating with his/her 303rd-LSG account may be removed from and added to our servers' ban list(s) (if applicable).

Any member who gets their account on any Anti-Cheat organizations ban list will be removed from 303rd-LSG and added to our servers' ban list, after the appeals process has been completed.

Any guest on our server(s) who is caught cheating will be banned from our server(s) and reported to any Anti-Cheat organization that we choose to report the incident too.

The 303rd-LSG Gaming server(s) may run ban lists from Anti-Cheat Organizations, anyone ban from our Servers for this reason will need to successfully appeal with the Organization whose ban list they are on if they wish to have their ban lifted from our server(s).

The leadership of the 303rd-LSG reserve the right to edit, and/or add to this policy as deemed necessary.