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Started by BlueIguana-LSG-COL, December 04, 2007, 03:05:59 AM

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We do our best to keep our Site and servers as clean and as friendly as we can.

All 303rd-LSG members have the opportunity to be given the authority to enforce our Server Rules with the Use of PB Power.

They have the option to kick other members and/or guests if necessary.

The following is a list of what 303rd-LSG members and admins can kick for on our gaming servers:
1. Profanity of any sort.
2. Rude or disrespectful behavior.
3. Recruiting on our servers.
4. Spamming chat.
5. Confirmed use of a cheat and/or exploit.
6. Name calling.
7. Excessive use of placeholders.
8. Intentional Team Killing.
9. Reconnecting
10. AASA ban or AON/ACI ban with Screen Shot.
11. Bunny hopping, continual jumping by a player, in a fight or not.
12. Overkilling, suiciding, or any other actions that take away from the normal play of the game.
13. Not using ENGLISH ONLY...
Our Members also reserve the right to remove guests from our server(s) to make room for 303rd-LSG members, they should ask someone to leave and give them a chance to before removing someone.

Though our members have the privilege of being given PB Power if they so choose, with this privilege also comes responsibility.

All members of the 303rd-LSG must follow the following rules:
1. Follow all 303rd-LSG & server rules.
2. Be polite and patient with our guests.
3. Do not accuse or kick without proof.
4. Do not abuse any authority given over other members, and/or guests.
5. Report all kicks and bans immediately (with screen shots) in our members forums.

Along with having the authority to kick, our admins also have the authority to give temporary bans.

The following is a list of what our admins can temporarily ban for:
1. Reconnecting.
2. Excessive Profanity.
3. Extreme disrespect of members, and/or guests.
4. Recruiting on our server(s).
5. Confirmed use of a cheat and/or exploit.
6. AASA ban or AON/ACI ban with Screen Shot.
7. Excessive intentional team killing.

If one of our members breaks one of our server rules, or unjustly kicks anyone from one of our servers, please report it on our forums (you must have proof).  Please do not do this on the gaming server as we consider this spamming the chat and disrespect to our members and/or guests.

We may run ban lists from anti-Cheat organizations on our server(s), if you are on one of these, you must take any appeals to the organization(s) that you are banned by.

We also have our own private ban list, on this list are those accounts that are permanently banned from our servers.

Reasons we would permanently ban an account are as follows:
1. Confirmed using cheats or exploits.
2. Extreme profanity.
3. Extreme disrespect of Members, or Guest.
4. Recruiting on our servers.
5. Bad or disallowed Username (change username to fix).
6. Tag ban from banned Clans