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Why was I kicked?

Started by [VMA]-brnemo, November 12, 2008, 07:54:34 PM

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My Name is Bruce aka [VMA]-brnemo. I would like an explanation why I was kicked repeatedly from your ES2border server. I was assaulting obj c when I was admin kicked. I reconnected and ask why I was kicked. This was the first round I ever played in your server. An admin stated something like I was being a team player and I should stay with the team. Now I went west with a couple guys thru the group of buildings by obj b the to the west extraction. Where there was already a friendly there. So I turned and went building by the south hill, where obj c is. I had coving fire from the ravine between and obj c so I advanced and was kicked. I understand If I was working alone but I had covering fire and that is teamwork. By covering fire I mean this other player was shooting enemies buy the building I advanced on. I tried to explain that but was removed again. So I joined under my ^sr22^ account said nothing to no one and was removed a minute into the round. As I said before I never played in your server and that was the first round. If I was doing something you didn't like could you not have just said something rather then kicking with no explanation? I always respect server rules. So I ask what was the justification for kicking me with no explination? Twice?


We are looking into this now.  I appreciate your coming and asking in a polite way.  I'm sure this will be resolved in a timely and polite manner.



    Im showing in the logs that  you were votekicked.  And for the comment I commented that maybe you were votekicked for NOT being a teamplayer.
Log: PbSvDropClient Info->eventPBKickPlayer: PunkBuster kicked player '[VMA]-brnemo' (for 2 minutes) ... Prior Kick/Ban
11/12/08 17:02:58 ScriptLog: -----------WARNING-----------
11/12/08 17:02:59 ScriptLog: Kicking ES2Border.HumanController PunkBuster kicked player '[VMA]-brnemo' (for 2 minutes) ... Player Vote
11/12/08 17:02:59 ScriptLog: -----------WARNING-----------
11/12/08 17:02:59 NetComeGo: Close TcpipConnection 11/12/08 17:02:59
11/12/08 17:02:59 ScriptLog: Player leaving authorized server in authorized state.
11/12/08 17:02:59 ScriptLog: Player (non bonlyspectator) leaving server
11/12/08 17:02:59 ScriptLog: Number of players after player leaves: 5
11/12/08 17:02:59 NetComeGo: Open myLevel 11/12/08 17:02:59
11/12/08 17:02:59 Log: PunkBuster Server: Lost Connection (slot #5) c6e0324418773586164aceec4666d7f8(-) [VMA]-brnemo

As for ^sr22^ the log states lost communications...

11/12/08 17:06:12 NetComeGo: Close TcpipConnection 11/12/08 17:06:12
11/12/08 17:06:12 ScriptLog: Player leaving authorized server in authorized state.
11/12/08 17:06:12 ScriptLog: Player (non bonlyspectator) leaving server
11/12/08 17:06:12 ScriptLog: Number of players after player leaves: 5
11/12/08 17:06:12 NetComeGo: Open myLevel 11/12/08 17:06:12
11/12/08 17:06:12 Log: PunkBuster Server: Lost Connection (slot #5) f18089448acad788d176d61246e5c919(-) ^sr22^
11/12/08 17:06:13 Log: PunkBuster Server: Auto Screenshot 000080 Requested from 7  Mr.Xmas


The very first time i was kicked it said in the middle of the screen ...being kicked by administrator. So I dont believe it was a vote kick. Also the votekick you can see it happening, who started it, and who voted all in the counsel. I'm not see that in your logs. What you are showing is a "prior kick/ban". There should be logs prior to the ones you are showing stating how I was first kicked and there are logs of  an admin stating why he kicked me when I rejoined. How about showing those logs. But lets just say for discussion I was vote kicked. Again Why? Half or more of the players were you guys. So you would have had to vote. And again I had covering fire going to where I was. So I was with the team. I had the ar weopon which is perfect for entering a building, so I did. Teammates were in front of me all the way until we passed the west extraction point. I set up on a wall and provided covering fire so my teammates could advance forward to the west extraction. And they did. Then we started the assault on south area. As the west was cleared I went south... How is that not teamwork?? I would like to see the logs on the first time I was kicked and the admins explination. And really guys if you don't like how someone is playing don't you think you could just say something to the player first ? Rather then kicking them?


a kick by an admin or LSG member by PB is 5min minimum by default.  Prior kick/ban means you came back within the 2mins. as hence the last line was put in...  LOST CONNECTION.   As for votekicks there were 9ppl on.  I was dead and away from computer. And those logs that show who voted are in the chat log.

     Logs have been provided for you and show.  As I saw in the logs an LSG member was getting kicked also for tag reg.  for 2mins. so plz check that. 


"a kick by an admin or LSG member by PB is 5min minimum by default." Yep I understand that. That explains getting kicked the second time. I did return within that 5 min. And that is where the log starts but you did not show the log on the first time I was kicked. The log you are showing does not show the original kick does it. So I was not shown the log as you stated. So it meaningless. My question still stands. Why was I kick in the first place? No warning or nothing. And please don't tell me it was from not being a team player. I believe that has already been established that I was working with the team.


Hey Guys
It's pretty obvious that you are not going to show me the logs as to why I was kicked the first time.  And that's ok if you would a least give me the reason for the original kick. But apparently you are not going to do that either. I have read your rules of what 303rd-LSg members and admins can kick for and for the life of me I can't see what rule I broke. As it was in the first middle of the first round I ever played in your server, I never typed to anyone about anything.  As one continues to read your server rules you get to the section the rules the 303rd-LSG must follow. My eyes are drawn to rule 2, 3 and 4. And even 5, you have a screen shot of the reason I was kicked? Is there a reason you won't tell me why? With rule 2 about being patient and polite one would think that you guys would at least give a warning if you are not happy with the way a person is playing. Concerning your rules, the bible talks about someone who tells someone one thing then does another. You know what they are called? I did not ask for this nor did I start this. All I asked for was the reason I was kicked and to date I still was not given the reason and the justification within your rules.  I'll say a prayer for you guys tomorrow morning in church.


just curious. have you tried joining the server to see if ban has been lifted? or are you just assuming that you are still banned?


Mr. brnemo:

I was not on the server when you were kicked.  I do not know a reason you were kicked and I can't not fabricate one.  I appreciate the prayers and hope you continually lift me up in your prayers.  I hope we can find a way to put this behind us and salvage or ignite a gaming relationship with you.  I'm sorry you were kicked from our server but sincerely hope you don't blame the whole clan for your being kicked off our server.  I do not want any hard feelings and I hope to see you on our server sometime.  Please keep those prayers going up for this clan and always for me as I need them daily.

God Bless




   I have futher looked into this.  Our new server only kicks for 2min with a PB kick, i just found that out last night... Our other servers  and the rest I know of are 5min.  With your continued inquirery into this I have looked further into it.

    After reviewing and and investigating, I do not see why you were kicked, IE- didnt see a rules infraction.  Also I dont see you still banned from the servers so to my knowledge it was a kick or less than a days kick and/or 2min PB kick.
   I offer my appologies for not knowing the PB kick time frame on our server and not getting it correct the first time.  As for the kick, it could have been a mistake due to some personel just getting admin rights and could have kicked wrong person, but I dont know that and it dont look though that is the case, if so it will also be corrected for the future.  The member will be reprimanded in accordance to our rules regardless.

    As for the clan we thank you for coming here and questioning and doing so politely.  I offer you our appologies and sincere hope that you do join us again on our server and our forums.  I also hope that you look through our Bible and Religion forums and offer some input on some discussions or start your own topics.